Venue: Complex Park Arena Date: 14th 04 2019.

With a cloudy atmosphere hopes were not down by both teams but the hope for a heavy downpour been ruled out to start the party.
Indeed such brilliance was put to bear with a quality display of passion for executing football skills. Cracker as it was, both sides showed strength in defence and attack despite the lack of sharpness from the Future Hero’s.


As the attack of Tema City kept their quest, the siege was broken in the 13th minute when Bismarck Owusu registered his first goal in the second match fixture on our newly opened Complex arena. An engine of quality needs no effort to determine from the sideline sighting the physique with brilliance.
The moody atmosphere soon turned misty but the game could not be distracted. Play continued in an encounter of great entertainment through the first half even within added 3 minutes.


Renewed faith and fresh energies for the second half was certain that fans would be thrilled to an exciting second half. The tempo of the game heightened with the introduction of 3 players from both sides and the players of Tema City contributed their quotas to the game with spectacular goals. 11 minutes in the second half an aggressive attack presented a through pass to Gameli Charwei whose flank got the goal keeper stuck as things unfolded.



Indeed the Future Heroes came to the party as a great opposition but refused to translate their performance to goals. The midfield had been dominated since the inclusion of Benjamin Mireku in the distribution for Tema City fc. Manoeuvring from the centre a strike 27 yards away raised slightly enforce to goal at the 61st minute and that was really stunning. A retaliation in control of the game in a few minutes after the third goal, Future Heroes were asking all the questions but couldn’t break the siege of the home team.


Bismark Owusu registered his second goal at the 66th minute in a collaborative run with the forwards in a splendid finish. A tough kick by Michael Akrofi deflected for a corner taken by Aziz in a curly fashion located Bismarck Owusu and from a quick run flicked the ball with the outer side of his foot into the first pole at the 71st minute registering a hat trick and as the first Tema City player on the teams new arena, surely a player with quality.


Rain still pouring it was game on and exciting to watch play. Michael Akrofi might have not been happy after his shots on target were refused but until the 84th minute, he managed to get a goal to add to the tally as the 6th of the game.


As a great side, the Future Hero’s team wasn’t just a walk over but Tema City emerged the best of the day through the rain and of a physical but brilliant performance ending with 3 yellow cards with two against Future Heroes.
It seemed shower an of blessing winning 6:0 in the team’s new arena.
Tema City Fc, ‘Truly the pride of Tema’.

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